At the end of 2004, Carrie’s father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. After losing his battle in only 3 months, this outcome immediately turned her life into a whirlwind of research to find alternatives for naturally assisting our body’s immune system. She had learned about a mushroom called Reishi, its amazing history in natural medicine and how scientists and doctors praised its health benefits for the body. Through 12+ years of working with the concept of this mushroom added to coffee, Cülbeans was born.

Collectively, for many years we have worked hard to perfect healthier coffee & beverages. Through our careful sourcing process to find the best premium coffee and teas from around the world, to our certified organic mushrooms grown in a controlled environment in the USA to avoid pollutants and heavy metals, we have produced only the best products for our customers.

It’s time to look at premium coffee and tea in a different way. If you had the opportunity to still enjoy your favorite beverage, but it had added health benefits that you couldn’t taste and made you feel better, wouldn’t you choose the best? With Cülbeans, you can.

The term "drink responsibly” now has a whole new meaning. Enjoy your Cülbeans coffee and tea and enjoy your life.